Dentures and partials in San Jose
San Jose Dentures and Partials
Dentures and Partial Dentures
If you have lost many of your teeth due to periodontal disease, trauma or illness, then a denture or partial denture for tooth replacement may be the right solution for you. Dentures can be removed for cleaning and are the preferred method for teeth replacement if dental implants, bridges and crowns are not an option.

There are two types of dentures, "Conventional" and "Immediate" and Dr. Heidari will discuss with you the advantages and disadvantages of each so as to determine what is right for you.

Once a decision has been made, Dr. Heidari will take an impression of your mouth and from these impressions, precise working models of your mouth are made. It's from these models that the dentures will eventually be crafted. He'll work with you to select the best color and shape for your new teeth and when your denture is ready, Dr. Heidari will extract your remaining teeth and your new denture will immediately be placed into your mouth.

In some cases dental implants are used to stabilize and secure the lower denture in place. While the upper denture is held in place by suction, the lower generally floats or is easily dislodged by the tongue and lips. This dislodgement makes it difficult to chew and speak and has been a problem for quite some time. The dental implants are a significant step towards resolving this issue.

San Jose Dental Implants Securing a Denture

A lower partial denture is generally used for replacing missing teeth when some of the natural teeth are still present. Installing a partial denture will allow you to balance your bite and help you to chew better. It will also keep your teeth from shifting into the empty space, preventing a chain reaction that can result in cavities and periodontal disease.

This is a typical lower denture partial.

San Jose Dentures and Lower Partials

Nobody likes to lose their teeth, but when they're infected, removing them and getting an immediate denture can improve your health, smile and confidence. We look forward to hearing from you! To find out more about our dentists, dentures and partials or the other dentistry services we provide, please call our San Jose dental office at 408.999.0444 or send an email to