San Jose Porcelain crowns
Porcelain Crowns in San Jose

Here at Serenity Dental Group in San Jose, we specialize in using porcelain crowns as a means to fix broken or chipped teeth, and as a a means of replacing missing teeth where dental implants are used.

The advantage of using porcelain crowns is they can be near identical in color to the other teeth in the patient's mouth. This is more aesthetically pleasing and is one of our more common cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry procedures.

A porcelain crown would be necessary for a number of reasons.

• The tooth has more filling than tooth structure.
• There is extensive damage or tooth decay
• The tooth is fractured
• Tooth has had a root canal
• If a tooth is replaced by a bridge, adjacent teeth require crowns to support the bridge
• The finishing procedure to a dental implant

The process of getting fitted for a porcelain crown is the same as for a metal crown and the process will generally take two visits. During your first visit, Dr. Heidari will prepare your tooth, an impression or mold is made, and a temporary crown is placed over the prepared tooth. At the second visit, the temporary crown is removed and the final dental crown is fitted and cemented into place.

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