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Teeth Whitening San Jose

Tooth Bleaching and Whitening

At Serenity Dental Group here in San Jose, we can give you a whiter and brighter smile with one of our tooth whitening and deep bleaching services. Most of us start out with sparkling white teeth, thanks to their porcelain-like enamel surface, but over the years enamel is worn down, becoming more transparent and permitting the yellow color of dentin to show through. Even with regular visits to the dental hygienist for tooth cleaning and polishing, teeth can become discolored over time thus making whitening and bleaching essential for a bright smile.

During routine chewing, dentin remains intact while millions of micro-cracks occur in the enamel. It is these cracks, as well as the spaces between the crystalline enamel rods, that gradually fill up with stains and debris. As a result, the teeth eventually develop a dull, lackluster appearance.

Our teeth whitening services here in San Jose are one of our most popular and gratifying cosmetic dentistry procedures. It involves the removal of stains and debris, leaving you with a whiter and brighter smile. Our dentists treat our patients with in-office whitening and take-home bleaching kits depending on the current status of the teeth and desired outcome. The in-office tooth whitening procedure is safe and produces immediate results, with the possibility of getting up to 10 shades lighter.

Zoom teeth whitening in San Jose

Zoom tooth whitening is just one of the procedures performed under the supervision of a Dr. Heidari. Home bleaching treatments are sometimes effective, but when it comes to dental care, being under the care of a qualified dentist is the safest and most reliable option.

If you do not have a lot of time or are uncomfortable at the dentist office then the Zoom teeth whitening procedure may be right for you and we can accomplish this treatment in under an hour. In addition, there is far less heat in the Zoom procedure than in typical tooth whitening treatments, and there is less chance of accidental ingestion of the whitening product.

If you have yellow or discolored teeth and would like a whiter smile, we can help! To find out more about our dentists, or other dentistry services we provide, please call our San Jose dental office at 408.999.0444 or send an email to