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San Jose Wisdom Teeth Extraction
Tooth Extraction
Here at Serenity Dental Group, we perform the two types of tooth extractions. Simple extractions which involves teeth that are visible in the mouth, and surgical extractions which involves the teeth that cannot be easily accessed such as impacted wisdom teeth (third molars), teeth that are not fully emerged, or teeth that are broken under the gum line.

Before a simple tooth extraction is considered for a damaged or decayed tooth, Dr. Heidari will make every effort to restore it to a healthy state with a root canal, crown or other dental procedure. If the tooth can not be saved, then Dr. Heidari will perform the extraction and can provide oral sedation or IV sedation if necessary.

For the more complex surgical extractions, such as impacted wisdom teeth, or teeth broken under the gum line, our on-site oral surgeon will administer the necessary oral sedation or intravenous sedation and perform the procedure in the comfort of our dentist office.

san jose wisdom teeth extraction

Currently we are offering a discount for Wisdom Teeth extraction. $250 per tooth if all four teeth are to be extracted and the sedation for $800.

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